csr, compliance i polityka antykorupcyjna


As part of the Societe Generale Group, ALD Automotive Poland follows a uniform approach and applies consistent standards in the area of anti-money laundering and counteracting the financing of terrorism. ALD Automotive Poland carries out thorough analyses and properly screens its counterparties.

ALD Automotive Poland supports the fight against corruption, influence peddling, fraud and extortion through implementing the Code of Ethics and the Anti-Corruption Code and also through regular staff training.

In its activities and interactions with counterparties, ALD Automotive Poland is guided by the SG Group Code of Conduct and the SG Group Sustainable Sourcing Charter.

Download and read the SG Group Code of Conduct 
Download and read the SG Group Sustainable Sourcing Charter


In June 2020, ALD received a certificate confirming the company’s commitment to sustainable development. Having won the Platinum medal, ALD joined the 1% of highest-rated companies.


As an international automotive company, we make every effort to reduce fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions.

To this end, we offer our customers tools which enable them to assess the environmental footprint of selected car models.

We offer the following tools:

My ALD portal – a dedicated web portal for fleet managers and vehicle users. The portal makes it possible to check:
- the fuel consumption of a given car model
- CO2 emissions of a given car model

We encourage our customers both locally and globally to choose more environmentally friendly car models (for example, hybrids). Customers who are interested in trying out hybrid cars can use our short-term rental vehicles, as this pool is regularly expanded with new hybrids.

For more information on ALD group activities aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, please see the link below:

We also take actions to improve road safety – the purpose of our Safe Driving Courses for interested customers is to reduce the number of accidents.

Below is a link to our global brochure, which uses statistical data to demonstrate the need to raise awareness of road safety among drivers:

Additionally, in order to reduce paper consumption, we suggest electronic invoices (e-invoices) to our customers. The vast majority of our customers have adopted this solution.

All our employees make efforts to use resources sparingly and take environmental considerations into account when making decisions. We promote measures aimed at reducing the environmental impact of our daily activities among our staff. These measures concern in particular:
- saving paper
- waste sorting

ALD Automotive encourages its partners and suppliers to make the same commitment to environmental protection.

We also invite all customers and suppliers who are interested in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) solutions to contact us.