Full service leasing

A comprehensive mobility solution

Full service leasing combines financing with a comprehensive package of additional services that provide increased comfort and reduced costs of using a vehicle. All this is covered by a monthly fee that remains fixed for the entire period of the agreement.

Under full service leasing, apart from fleet financing, the customer receives a wide range of additional services: vehicle servicing, insurance and claims handling, road assistance, replacement vehicles, tyres, fuel cards. The flexibility of the services we offer means that their parameters can be tailored to every customer’s individual needs. Moreover, online tools give you the ability to track and analyse your fleet at all times.

  • Fleet financing is based on an operating lease agreement;
  • The risk of change in the final value of vehicles is borne by ALD Automotive Poland;
  • The agreement is signed for a specified time (24–60 months) and kilometre limit;
  • After the leasing period, the vehicle may be returned to ALD Automotive Poland, which deals with the sale of ex-contract vehicles and provides advice to the customer as regards the choice of a new fleet.


The sum of all benefits

Full service leasing combines the advantages of the operational lease method of fleet financing and the management service. This makes it the most effective way for an organisation to use vehicles.

Main advantages of full service leasing:



  • Precise budget planning and predictability of costs – the fixed monthly leasing payments enable easy and precise planning of expenditure related to the company fleet and avoid the risk of unexpected expenses;
  • Lower costs – thanks to the optimum choice of service parameters and discounts negotiated by ALD Automotive;
  • Greater creditworthiness – leased vehicles are not a burden on the company’s balance sheet



  • Ability to reclaim VAT on account of the use of the vehicles, up to the legally permitted amount;
  • Leasing payments are a tax-deductible cost.



  • Time savings – ALD Automotive takes over from the customer all responsibilities relating to the care of company vehicles, including their purchase, registration, servicing, insurance, etc.
  • Specialist knowledge and know-how – experienced ALD Automotive consultants provide advice on how to construct an optimum company fleet policy.
  • Combined invoices and settlements ensure transparency and the ability to analyse costs easily.
  • Online tools enable easy and fast analysis and monitoring of the fleet in real time.


 Discover all of the services offered under full service leasing.

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