MECHANICAL SERVICES - maintenance and repair

If a repair or inspection is required in the vehicle you rent, please find the garage using search engine: 

Front Office ALD Automotive
tel. +48 22 699 99 99

Our consultants will find the workshop and provide all necessary information.

We would like to remind you that any of the following services in our network of workshops does not require the prior authorisation of ALD Automotive. The workshop may start the repair and apply for authorisation during or after the service:

  • Periodic inspection in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements
  • Refilling fluids (without windscreen washer fluid)
  • Replacement bulbs (without xenon)
  • Replacement of brake discs/pads
  • Replacement wiper blades

In the case of other service activities, acceptance of the scope of repair by ALD Automotive is required before starting work.


VEHICLE INSPECTION STATIONS - technical inspection

If the expiry date of the technical inspection shown in the vehicle’s registration document has been reached, go to one of the cooperating vehicle inspection stations. To find the garage please use the search engine:  



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